The Bible vs Science

Does the Bible and Science really harmonize? Is there sufficient scientific evidence of a creator?

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  1. State your views and scripture reference on the creation account:
  2. How do you feel the bible relates to modern science?
  3. Do you feel many use science as a means to relieve themselves from biblical accountability to a holy creator?

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  1. Nathan Chandler Says:

    State your views and scripture reference on the creation account:

    I believe that God, through Jesus (John 1: 1-3), created the heavens and the earth and everything in it in 6 literal days (Ex 20:11) about 6000 years ago. I have never believed that men evolved from lower species but I have, in times passed, allowed that evolution of other forms of life does no violence to man’s relationship to God or the gospel message of paradise lost and paradise regained through the office of Jesus Christ. So, in times past, I had been content to believe that God created Man and the rest (evolution, old earth, young earth, etc) really did not matter. I no longer believe that. I now believe that it is FUNDAMENTAL that a Christian MUST believe in a young earth and a creation of 6 literal days. It is true that the Hebrew word yome (translated “day” in the KJV) can also mean “age” or “epoch”. However, in every instance outside of the creation account when yome is used with a number or the terms evening or morning, it ALWAYS means a literal day. It is clear to me that the author of the creation account (inspired by the Holy Spirit) clearly meant to convey that God created everything in six literal days. I do not mean that one must believe in a young earth to be saved or that anyone who believes different than me cannot be saved and know God. After all, there are pedobaptists and Church Universalists that are saved and know God – but their understanding of some fundamental doctrines is wrong!

    B. H. Carroll wrote that the most fundamental doctrine for a Christian is that of the virgin birth. If you don’t believe that then you can’t believe in the divinity of Christ and you can’t be saved. If you do believe in the virgin birth, then there is no reason to question any other “lesser” miracle in the Bible. I think we can apply this to the account of creation. If you believe that God is the author of creation, then why doubt that he did it in six literal days? The only reason to doubt it is to try to “square” the Bible with modern science, so-called. But in reality, science needs to square its interpretation of evidence with the biblical account.

    On that note, I would second the recommendation by my father for The Genesis Flood. When I got into college and took geology and began having the same questions and doubts that he had, he gave it to me to read. It made all the difference and helped put my mind at ease. However, that book was written in the 1960s. For an up-to-date refutation of the most modern evolutionary “facts”, I second Louise Baker’s recommendation of The Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis,

    How do you feel the bible relates to modern science?

    The Bible is the inspired word of God. However, we must understand that is was given to us not as a history book (though it has much history in it) or as a science text (though it gives us a framework for interpreting the things we find in the world around us). The bible was given to us to reveal God’s character and his plan for our redemption. True science is not in opposition to the Bible but in harmony with it (1Tim 6:20).

    Do you feel many use science as a means to relieve themselves from biblical accountability to a holy creator?

    Absolutely. As many have observed already, the idea of evolution does not even make sense. If a billion tornadoes swept through a junkyard, would it ever result in a brand new Cadillac? The idea really is foolish when you look at it objectively. But men will do anything to avoid being accountable to a holy creator. But “he taketh the wise in their own craftiness” (Job 5:13, 1Cor 3:19). However, we must not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Studying science and studying the word of God are not mutually exclusive. In times past, Old Time Baptists have shyed away from education in general and science in particular because it was seen as “of the devil”. But by doing so, we ceded territory to the enemy. We need more educated and scientific Old Time Baptists if we are ever going to regain that lost ground and keep our children biblically educated.

    Bro Nathan Chandler

  2. Del Compton Says:

    For those who contemplate the possibility of your evolution professors being even partially correct, ask yourself how to reconcile the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics with the Theory of Evolution. No, better yet, write a dissertation on your reconciliation. If you hold evolution to be true and you hold the proven laws of science true, you have a dilemma. True science does not contradict the scriptures. Let God be true and every man a liar.
    Elder Del Compton

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